About Ipsos iris

How it works

Ipsos iris has been designed for the needs of the industry in order to provide an online audience measurement solution that is rigorous, transparent, simple, and can easily be embedded at every level of your business.

Establishment survey

The essential foundation for any measurement survey – the establishment survey will provide digital universe estimates and panel recruitment targets.

Measurement of small sites

For those smaller sites our solution ensures we have ways to collect data to allow measurement of smaller sites that aren’t captured on the single-source panel.

4,000 single-source mobile first, multi device panel

A single-source high-quality panel provides a simple and transparent solution to passively understand people’s cross-device behaviour.

Distributed Content

Measurement of off-platform content including Google AMP, Google News, Facebook, YouTube, Apple News and Instagram.

Site-centric measurement

A tag inserted into websites and a SDK in apps allows traffic to sites and apps to be counted.

World class data science

Data science brings together single-source panel data and site-centric measurement to create people based audience estimates, and deliver high-quality data to market.

What it measures

Our key metrics are designed to give you a robust view of Australian online audience behaviour across devices.

Desktop, smartphone and tablets

Giving you a robust view of Australian online audience behaviour across devices.

Text, video and audio

Allowing you to understand audience behaviour over multiple forms of content.

Lifestyle Statments

Going beyond demographics to provide lifestyle statements across a wide range of areas.

Websites, mobile websites and apps

To let you understand audience numbers and time spent across platforms.

Daily data

Providing you with daily trafiic data, with a one day delay, enabling you to make more precise decisions.

Monthly data

Monthly audience data across browsers and apps, for text and video content, across desktop/laptop, smartphone, tablet. Includes off-platform content measurement..

Demographic audiences

Providing an understanding of detailed demography, including: age, gender, social grade and household composition.

Informing every area of your business

Our solution can help inform decision making across your business.
If you are a media agency

1. Research and data

Quicker, more relevant insights for your clients.


2. Strategy

Complete online market understanding and better targeting.


3. Planning

Multi-device analysis by channel and brand forming the foundation of the media plan.


4. Buying

Foundational media plan underpins the buy.


If you are a media owner

1. Research, data and insights

Derive insights, tell better stories, understand duplication, and drive loyalty.


2. Marketing

Better market understanding to help power an effective strategy.


3. Sales

Granular, richer data allowing you to build compelling sales narratives to help support ROI.


4. Editorial

Power your content creation and deliver differentiation for your brand in market.

If you are an advertiser

1. Market and audience intelligence

Providing trends, market insights, and estimates of the Australian digital market for continuous planning, helping you understand the market opportunity.


2. Competitive intelligence

Benchmarking usage and attitudes of consumers on competitive sites, along with journey mapping to monitor your competitors.


3. Research, consumer data, and insight

Understand the online consumer journey to help you in building your digital strategy.


4. Media strategy

Understand which platforms work best to establish where you should make your business investments.


5. Advertising strategy

Establish where, when and how often you should advertise and which digital platforms to invest in. 

How we will be supporting you

We want to support and help you on the journey to making this a reality, ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible. Please do get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to be involved in one of our workstreams.

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