Over the last decade, millions of apps have been made available for billions of users to download and enjoy. If you head to the app store on your phone and you can solve any one of my daily ‘problems’, from sleep tracking to step walking, and find others to indulge and organise in all your hobbies and interests.

Publishers who have yet to tag their apps are missing out. The true breadth, depth and value of your app’s audiences can be realised with tagging in Ipsos iris to allow for:

  • Increased likelihood of reporting app to reflect total brand reach
  • App audience engagement reported to a similar level of detail as tagged websites, including: audience profiling, time spent and reach
  • Data compliant with both GDPR & Australian Privacy Act
  • A transparent and comparable Australian audience measurement method to that of all major online publishers.

Ipsos and IAB Australia, therefore, strongly encourage all publishers to tag their apps with Ipsos iris. To ensure you don’t miss out on the full value of your audience and to tag your mobile apps on iOS or Android, please email tag-support-au@ipsosiris.com or contact your Ipsos iris account team. 

We are here to get you started to ensure that total brand reach is reported in Ipsos iris and that your audience’s full value is realised for your business.