Ipsos invites all publishers to tag their digital assets to guarantee accurate measurement within Ipsos iris, the new solution endorsed by IAB Australia as the industry standard for Australian online audience measurement

Why tag? 

will help ensure that a publisher’s assets, including websites, apps and the content therein (whether text, video or audio), can be fully measured across desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones and are most accurately represented to the marketplace.

Tags are free to all publishers, regardless of size. Tags require a piece of code to be inserted into websites and apps to allow all visitors across all devices to be counted. If you are interested in learning more about how tags operate please click here

Fast and with a minimal footprint, the Ipsos tags load asynchronously and will always prioritise performance with no interference to websites/apps or other tags. Once tags are implemented, Ipsos will receive direct server calls that provide census-level input to key audience metrics and coverage for websites and apps. This measurement enhances the power of our 4,000 single-source, multi-device panel, which is demographically and regionally representative of the Australian population.

Ipsos’ tag templates are straightforward and work seamlessly with most popular tag management systems. The new agile approach to site section tracking provides flexibility, as there is a consistent structure behind [tracking] particular sections allowing for more granular performance analysis.

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What are the key benefits?

  • Full measurement of your audience reach, including Active Time Spent across devices
  • Guaranteed reporting data for smaller properties
  • Breakouts of site sections and content categories for more insightful audience analysis
  • Off-site audience measurement – e.g. Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles
  • Access to a dedicated publisher portal to enable collection of tags and
    diagnostic reports

What do I need to do?

Implementing Ipsos tags requires some upfront work. The publisher brand’s reporting structure must be specified before any tagging work can commence. Therefore, we recommend that commercial, research and development teams be included in the process from the start.

The first step is to inform Ipsos of the websites, sections and apps you wish to tag and report on. We have a straightforward Excel template that we ask publishers to complete. Ipsos will also provide a tagging guide and the necessary technical

After the completed template is provided to Ipsos, website tags and mobile SDKs are generated and delivered by Ipsos to be implemented directly on the webpage or through your Tag Manager software. The dedicated publisher portal that enables publishers to collect generated tags will become available in August.

My organisation is using the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework, do I still need to tag?

Yes, tags are still required separately in order to collect publisher information by Ipsos. More detail around what is collected through the tags is provided within the Ipsos iris tagging agreement which can be requested using the contact details: tag-support-au@ipsosiris.com.

How long might this take?

There are several steps in the full tagging process and the Ipsos Tag Support team will be on hand should any assistance or advice be required. We envisage the work taking a maximum of three weeks from start to finish. This timeframe could
be reduced with the use of specialist publisher resources, such as Tag Manager software, and will depend on the number of domains, sections and apps that a publisher wishes to tag and report on.

We recommend scheduling any necessary tagging work as early as possible with your teams – especially with busy app engineers or developers.

To participate in tagging and ensure being reported in Ipsos iris, please email tag-support-au@ipsosiris.com and we will provide the necessary information to get started.